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Video Games
Empire and State
by Novel, Inc
This MMO game a new breed of massively multiplayer online world.  As in the real world, Empire and State is driven by business, politics, crime and warfare.  You can step into the shoes of a CEO, President, Criminal Mastermind, or General but you'll need real world skills to be successful.  

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"Main Theme"

"Combat Theme"

"Outland Theme"

"Hydrogen Theme"

"City Theme"
Goblin Invasion
Developed by Andrew Strauch

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Marble Twist
Developed by Arctic Arcade
This puzzle game required a short music loop and Sound Effects.  The music sample here is the loop repeated several times.

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Middle Eastern Warfare
Developed by Arctic Arcade
This strategic war game is set in the Middle East.
Roll a Die
Developed by Arctic Arcade
I was inspired to write a "Vegas" theme for this casino game. 

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